Feeding & Care - Whats on the menu ?

During your cat's stay with us he/she will be fed the food specified by you on your booking form. It is always preferable not to make changes to the normal diet. Main meals are given morning and evening and dried food will be left down during the day but if your cat has a preferred routine please tell us.

If your cat is on a prescription diet you will have to provide enough to cover the boarding period, plus at least two days in case your return is delayed. Fresh water is available at all times. Milk will only be given if included in dietry requirements on the booking form.


What happens if your cat becomes unwell? Click here for further details ....


For further details please contact us:
07739 569 997

Landline: 02392 268 884 / contact@denmeadcattery.co.uk
Denmead Cattery, Furzeley Road, Denmead, PO7 6TX

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Whats happens if your cat becomes unwell?

If your cat is suspected of being poorly he/she will be moved to the isolation unit. This is a full size, self contained unit where any illness can be carefully monitored. Veterinary advice will be sought at the first sign of illness. You are required to give details of your preferred veterinary practice on the booking form and whenever possible your cat will be taken to them in case of emergency. If this information is not specified, or there are difficulties in contacting or visiting this surgery, the veterinary practice used will be the St. Peters Veterinary Group in Horndean.

If your cat sustains any injury or illness during its stay as a result of boarding at Denmead Cattery, we will cover the vet bills. Vet bills incurred through unrelated or pre existing conditions, diagnosed or not, will be the responsibility of the owner.

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